We are here to help you to set up itsme® service(s), and allow you to use verified identities for authentication and authorization on web desktop, mobile web or mobile applications.

For more details, please read through the corresponding developer documentation available below.

Services and integration APIs

For more information on how itsme® can best work for your business, please contact us. itsme® team will be happy to help.


This Service enables your users/customers to log in securely to your application.


This Service enables you to identify your users and access their verified data.


This Service enables your users/customers to give their consent to a payment or order/action.

Qualified signature

This Service enables your users/customers to sign documents with the same legally binding effect as a manual signature.

IAM platforms

For your convenience and without any guarantee, we offer some guidance on how to integrate itsme to a few of the most popular 3rd party IAM platforms: